Zigarren kubanische online von Spanien.Zigarren Davidoff.Grosshändel zigarren havanna: Cohiba,Partagas,Montecristo...(Habanos).Alles brandmarkt davon zigarren kubanische darin Habano-Cuban-Cigars.com.Grosshändler inzwischen 1973.Angeboten zigarren havanna von Spanien zu Deutschland.




COHIBA GENIOS MADURO 5 Superb Promo! (25 cigars)
COHIBA GENIOS MADURO 5 Superb Promo! (25 cigars)

Haven't tried it yet? A vitola of flag for the Cohiba brand at a better price!:

Origin: Cuba   Manufactured: Hand Made
Gauge: Thick   Length: 140 mm.
Estupendos  Ring: 52
Weight:  gr.     Score: 9.2

Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios:

Cohiba Genios was one of the best proposal from 2007. The Cuban Maduro wrapper to be used in this new line of Cohiba is five years aged. Having the same ring size as the Cohiba Siglo VI and darker well wraped Cigar this Genios provided a unique aroma for about an hour and a half. Lighted up twice and have a biter taste with constant flow. For Siglo VI lovers try this cigar and youll tell that there is compitetion...

€ 249,00.-
MONTECRISTO OPEN MASTER Superb Promo! (20 cigars)
MONTECRISTO OPEN MASTER Superb Promo! (20 cigars)

Origin: Cuba                        Manufactured: Hand Made
Gauge: Thick                        Length: 124 mm.
Format: Robustos              Ring: 50
Weight:  gr.                          Score: 9

Montecristo Open Master Review:

From the first draw of this beautifully constructed cigar, you will understand where Habanos are coming from with the new Montecristo Open line. Fresh and flavoursome, these cigars are for outdoor, relaxed smoking. Very different from the classic Montecristo's, the Open line have added another dimension to the family. The Master (evoking Master's Tennis series) will certainly be very popular with the bigger ring gauge smokers.

€ 169,00.-